About Us

 Léon's Foundation 

Léon is a slow fashion and art-centric brand that draws inspiration from every crevice of history. We want to venture into corners of different forms of art and incorporate those in our collections. Our archives go hand-in-hand with cultivating the pieces that we make for you— focusing on the old and the new, producing pieces that complement the bold as well as the subtle.


We want you to visualize timeless works, and use those as inspiration in expressing yourself through our products.


Léon's Ethics 

Launched in November 2020, Léon is composed of a team of three, working alongside our team of local artisans who specialize in different fields of craftsmanship. We focus our time and resources on producing with quality, rather than quantity: no mass production, no factories, just limited and quality-based items. Ample time is always devoted to the production process of all our products and we limit ourselves to producing just one collection per year releasing multiple drops in small quantities; this keeps our production less wasteful and exclusive. Léon products are also locally-sourced and handmade by our partner seamstresses and shoemakers in Manila.